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Visual Arts

A Treat for the Soul

Limited Edition Replay: Trish Stevenson
Digital Art 
Digital Art by Edward Supranowicz

Tête-à-tête: Richard Grahn
A Poet & Artist

The Wise Owl talks to Richard Grahn, an American poet and artist. Richard is the founder and developer of, and an active haibun, tanka prose, haiku/senryu, tanka, and haiga poet. Richard has authored several books including Peace, Fly on a Wall, Traveler, Longevity: Poems in the Key of Helen, and Perspective.

Green County Hay Field-RichardGrahn.jpg
In the Swim (collage).JPG

Tête-à-tête: Sandra Anfang
A Poet & Artist 

The Wise Owl talks to Sandra Anfang, a California-based poet, teacher, and artist. She has authored 4 poetry collections namely Looking Glass Heart (2016), Road Worrier (2018), Xylem Highway (2019) and Finishing School (2023). Sandra has been nominated for a Best Short Fictions award, Best of the Net, and a Pushcart Prize, as well as for aa AWP-sponsored 2023 George Garrett Award for outstanding community services in literature.

kangkan_das_painting_eh!sunday_14x20_watercoloronpaper_inr_45000 (1).jpg

The Interview: Kangkan Das
An Indian Artist 

The Wise Owl talks to Kangkan Das, a gifted, self-taught, watercolour artist from Tinsukia, Assam (India). Das has participated in several exhibitions in prestigious galleries in India, including the International Exhibition, IWAS, India (2018), National Exhibition at Jehangir Art Gallery in Mumbai (2017), National Exhibition at the National Academy of Fine Arts in Kolkata, West Bengal (India) and the International Exhibition, IWS, Shillong (2019).

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