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Image by Denny Müller
He Speaks to You
Machines think logically, true, but human geniuses have better imagination than the best androids, says the author

I say to you, I am one of the richest people alive. I have interests in many businesses. Like automation and recycling, Space real estate, condo home construction, movie production, the sex trade, robot creation and so on. You say, you’re not impressed by my great wealth. You say the World is insane. But I tell you, I am loving life. I have so many women in love with me. And the Worlds may be crazy, but I am living a life of sheer bliss. You say everyone is living blissfully with sex and drugs and art. Well maybe they are content, but nothing compares to being a true winner and the feeling of success. You say you don’t envy me. I don’t know how that can be the truth? I think some people are easily satisfied, and today most people are insane, but kind of satisfied. I am not insane and am totally satisfied. You think the future belongs to the crazy, but I tell you that I am the future. People like me will rule and control everything. You say the masses will never vote for me. But I tell you it’s a World of bread and circuses. The masses are easily placated. I don’t mind spending government money on those less fortunate.


I tell you, I will be a political hit by promising the Moon to people. And people will be able to petition me for their wishes and I will try my best to grant them, within reason. You say what about androids and their wishes. I say to you the people love their love dolls and I wouldn’t want to take them away. But androids will never rule; I will see to that. Only the best humans will be able to rule. You say the androids are pernicious and not easily stopped. Well, I will stop them. I’ll make it simply illegal to create clever androids and will hunt down those who are. You say it is too late. But I think, we can still defeat them. Few humans want to be ruled by machines. You say humans can be programmed like machines with hypnosis and brainwashing and we are all machines. I can only say, humans are special and unique to these Universes. Machines think logically, true, but human geniuses have better imagination than the best androids at least for now. You say androids can create better art than humans already. I say even though this may be so, I plan to use my wealth and power to defeat and eliminate them. We don’t need clever androids.

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