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Jamini Roy
Museum of Art & Photography Bengaluru (India)

The Wise Owl Team visited the Museum of Art & Photography Bengaluru (India)  which houses a beautiful collection of Modern Art

Three women.JPG

Three Women Jamini Roy 1950s

Lady in Pink saree.JPG

Lady in Pink Sari Jamini Roy 1920s

Krishna with Gopis.JPG

Krishna with Gopis Jamini Roy 1930s

Portrait of Rabindranatha Tagore.JPG

Portrait of Rabindranath Tagore Jamini Roy 1910s


Sita's agni Parikasha.JPG

Sita's Agni Pariksha Jamini Roy 1940

Two Gopinis.JPG

Two Gopinis Jamini Roy 1930

Digital Camera 2

The Wise Owl Team visited  Museum of Art & Photography which exhibited paintings of Jamini Roy as part of its Virtual Modern art Gallery

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