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Spring Symphony

The sky has woken up to its freshness and I breathe the quietness in me. I feel the expanse of the spotless sky rinsed with tender warmth. The soft grass touches my bare feet with its morning cool. The purple and white petunias are in full bloom in the big flowerpots. The flaming orange trumpet flowers hang in clusters brightening the white boundary wall. Nesting pigeons coo and remind me to fill the birdfeeder. 
The breeze meanders tenderly through my hair and I raise my hand to catch the flow of my impossible dream. 


as if in exchange
for my smile  

Image by Teddy Wijaya


The cascading rain sways the branches of the trees, and leaves shake and tremble. Flower pots overflow and the deep musk of the wet earth fills me with a deep longing.


Looking out of the window, I see the Buddha seated in the lotus pose in a corner of the garden.

silver lightning—

a brief pause
in melancholy 


Neena Singh, a Touchstone nominee in the Shortlist for Individual Poems in 2021, is a banker turned poet. Her haikai poetry is regularly published in international journals and magazines. She has published two books of poetry—'Whispers of the Soul: the journey within' and 'One Breath Poetry'. She runs a non-profit for quality interventions in the education and health of underprivileged children in Chandigarh. Neena loves to play 'fetch ball' with her pet Rumi, and sit in the garden conversing with squirrels and pigeons.

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