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The Wise Owl Literature & Art Festival

4th & 5th November 2023


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As a part of The Wise Owl Anniversary celebrations, we will be hosting The Wise Owl Literature & Art Festival on 4th & 5th November 2023.  The 2-day festival will feature interesting conversations with writers, poets and artists, Art Shows,  literary & Art Workshops and live music concerts. 

Our Speakers
speaker 1.JPG
Speaker 2.JPG
speaker 3.JPG
speaker 4.JPG
speaker 5.JPG
speaker 8.JPG

Our Special Guests

Speakers 9.JPG

Deepti Naval
Actor & Filmmaker

Speakers 10.JPG

Neelam Mansingh
Theatre Doyen

speakers 11.JPG

Bomani Irani

Artists in Art Show
art show 1.JPG
Art show 3.JPG
Art show 4.JPG
Art show 2.JPG
art show 5.JPG
Art show 6.JPG
Art Workshop Doyens
workshop 1.JPG
Sangeeta Gupta.png
Haiku Workshop
Workshop 2.JPG

Kala Ramesh
Haiku Poet 

Music & Dance

Vidushi Sunanda Sharma


Gamak Rock Band


Kumar Sharma of Kathak Rockers


Navdeep Wadali

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